traditional fantasy roleplaying meets storygaming

Hippogryph is the collision of classic fantasy roleplaying tropes and modern character-driven games. Like the legendary creature, this system is more than the sum of its parts. Blending established legacy fundamentals with flexible, do-it-yourself game ideals is why Hippogryph is where story gaming meets traditional roleplaying.

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Hippogryph (Director's Cut)

A revised and updated edition of the core rule is currently in development. A melding of traditional tabletop roleplaying structure with story gaming's DIY sensibilities. DriveThruRPG | Amazon

Hippogryph Gamemaster Guide

Packed full of advice, this book contains everything you need to know to begin running a Hippogryph campaign. DriveThruRPG | Amazon

Hippogryph: Forager's Guild

The first official setting for Hippogryph. Classic high fantasy adventure and interdimensional shenanigans. Currently in development.

Hippogryph: Sweetgrass Garden

In this setting, you play children exploring a huge, mysterious house and grounds around it. A word of warning: there may be fey creatures about. Inspired by A Secret Garden, The Spiderwick Chronicles, John Crowley's Little, Big, and other books about curious children and magical places. Currently in development.

Hippogryph: Lanthanum

A swashbuckling sword-and-planet setting a la John Carter of Mars, Moebius's The Airtight Garage, the Taarna sequence of Heavy Metal, and a lot of 1970s album covers. Currently in development.

Hippogryph: Gladiolas

Inspired by 1960s "supernatural sitcoms" like Bewitched, My Favorite Martian, and I Dream of Jeannie. You play the wacky neighbors who are tired of being gaslit and called crazy, taking back your power and proving to the world that there is, in fact, something strange going on at that house. Currently in development.

Hippogryph: Nonsense

An original setting inspired by surreal children's literature. Think Alice in Wonderland mixed with Shel Silverstein and 1985's Return to Oz. Currently in development.


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